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Valentine’s Day History

February is a month of celebration, and everyone is going to celebrate this occasion with their partners on 14th February. Guys do you have any idea about why we make this event very special. Fine, let us know Valentine’s Day History first. Are you ready? This is the right time to express each other feelings, and it is the season of love. But who is this St. Valentine? He is a priest of Rome who lived in the third century AD. At the time, Emperor Claudius II had banned marriages, believing married men made bad soldiers and St Valentine is thought to have arranged marriages in secret.

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He was imprisoned and decided to death for his crimes. There, St Valentine apparently fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and sent her a love letter signed ‘Your Valentine’ on February 14th, the day of his execution, as a goodbye. Likewise, The Valentine’s Day is going to celebrate every year throughout the world.

What is the true ORIGIN of Valentine’s Day?

The name ‘Valentines’ is found in the Martyrologium Hieronymianum, a book between 460 and 544. The feast of St Valentine of February 14th is first established in 496 by Pope Gelasius I, who included Valentine also. The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and back to the 5th century, but It origin is in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. Know the Valentine’s Day Meaning from this article and celebrate with your loved one. Every year, the Lovers Day Date falls on February 14th. Many people exchange gifts, flowers, teddy bear, candy, cards, etc.

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Valentine’s Day Meaning

Here comes the Valentine’s Day Meaning. It has roots in several different legends that have found their way to us through the ages. One of the earliest popular symbols of the day is Cupid, the Roman god of Love, who is represented by the image of a young cherub with bow and arrow. Now-a-days people have made it special by showing care towards their friends and love.

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Most people send Valentines a greeting card. It symbolise that one St. Valentine wrote letter from jail. It is commonly believed in France and England that February 14 is the beginning of birds’ mating season, which added to the idea that the middle of Valentine’s Day should be a day for romance.

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Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

The Most awaiting day of this year is just around the corner. Here is a bunch of Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas. Impress your loved one by this surprise craft making gifts. The date of this holiday on Feb 14 and the belief that the young men randomly chose the name of a young girl to escort the festivities with this Valentine’s Day 2017. They often include pet names such as sugar lump, teddy bear, sweetie pie, or honey. The Activities on Valentine’s Day that forego are sending greeting cards, wishing each other, planning surprise, wishing a promise, etc.

Easy Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

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